Tradewinds Learning

believes running a small business is

hard and rewarding work. 

While our business demands much of us, we choose to prioritize: 

Leading with Passion

and Determination

Training Dedicated


Servicing Loyal


We are Committed to our Dreams,

through the highs and lows.

And each of us affirms

I care for my customers & honor their loyalty

My employees are valued & respected

I work hard to make my dream & vision a reality

I am willing to try new things to achieve

I am navigating a business & a life I love

Assistance from others is key to my success

I support my fellow business owners & community

I surround myself with people who believe in my goals

My dreams grow & shift over time

We are committed to

growing a business

with continued learning and development.

We know this will bring

success and joy

to not only us, but

our employees and community.

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