Working in a Multi-generational Environment

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Today’s work environment, like generations past, is made up of a wide range of generations. However, at no time in history have the generational gaps been so resounding. Advances in technological platforms, the proliferation of social media, and the progress towards open and equal work settings (LGBT/women/race) have all helped create new and challenging environments that can be difficult to navigate.  Millennials are taking a strong foothold.  They have unique expectations, needs, and characteristics.  Existing employees, from the Baby Boomers and Gen X are learning how to work successfully with their peers from this highly discussed “new” generation. How all these generations come together successfully is key to a productive and enjoyable work environment.  This program will examine each of the generations currently represented in the work environment.  What are their unique experiences and characteristics? How do we embrace what each does well, their strengths, to build and support work environments where everyone can succeed and even thrive?


Course Outcomes  By the end of this program, participates will:

  • Gain awareness of the historical markers that define each generation.

  • Understand how the different experiences of each generation influence work ethic, expectation, and professional needs.

  • Increase their listening and communication skills and understand the value of these skills to achieve a successful work environment.

  • Understand how the rise of millennials in the workforce is changing the work environment.

  • Identify ways to increase cross generational working relationships and harness the positive aspects of a multigenerational workforce.

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