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Learn Something New: 3 Places to Start

If 2020 has called us to do anything, it perhaps is the call to keep learning. Many of you have learned how to be home schoolteachers. We’ve been called to better understand our country’s complex racial history. Business owners have been tasked with adjusting their service delivery and quickly learning new ways to sell and connect with customers. We’re halfway through the year and I challenge you to keep the learning trend going. Don’t stop now. I have used much of my unexpected additional time at home to broaden my knowledge on a number of topics.

When I want to learn something new, my first instinct is to always pick up a book. I love reading and I always have at least one book going, sometimes two.

A book is a way to learn from some of the best entrepreneurs and industry leaders for less then $20.

When we can’t jump on a plane and adventure in new places, a book will take you there from the comfort of your couch. It gives you the opportunity to step into someone else’s shoes and learn from their experiences. My stack of summer books include insights from successful entrepreneurs, a few fiction books for pool side reading and memoirs from people with experiences different than my own. What I end up reading is always a balance of pleasure and business.

I often read with a pencil in one hand, marking up the book with quotes that inspire me and insights I want to reference again later. The two books I am most looking forward to reading this summer are Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Boss Up! by Lindsay Teague Moreno.

In person workshops, conferences, and retreats have all been cancelled, including several of my own. Many businesses have shifted to offering their content in a virtual platform instead! This has been a great opportunity to log in and learn from people I may otherwise never have the opportunity to see in person. Professional associations are hosting webinars for free!

I’ve heard from mountaineer Alison Levine on finding adventure from home.

Entrepreneur and planner Erin Condren shared her perspective on still finding joy in these turbulent times.

Joining these virtual webinars have provided me with professional and personal growth at a time when it’s easy to feel stagnant. But what I am most excited about is the online course I’m taking with the Disney Institute. One of my dreams is to attend a Disney Institute conference. But like most things Disney, they are not cheap. However, right now Disney Institute is offering three of their keynote programs, online, for only $100. I could not turn it down. Now, of course it’s not the same as learning in the parks in the heart of the Disney Magic. But it’s an opportunity to learn from the leader in customer experience and leadership for a fraction of the cost.

The most enduring learning experience I have had since launching my business has been working with a business coach. This month I celebrate one year as a member of the Blooming Business Inner Circle. My business coach, Amber Housley, has offered an endless stream of business insight, advice, and support as I work to grow this dream.

One of the best parts about being a member of a group like this are all the other women.

Often on our monthly coaching calls, while listening to the advice being offered for someone else in a totally different industry than me, an idea sparks for my own business. I’ve learned about SEO and lead magnets, concepts I had never heard of when I launched my business. I’ve collected tools and resources I use every month to plan out my marketing and content development. I cannot imagine where my business would be without the Inner Circle.

So yes, I am one of those people who has used the pandemic and my time at home to keep learning. I did also binge watch Tiger King, no one is always productive!

As we move into what is sure to be another unique season, I hope to keep learning both personally and professionally. I like what motivational speaker Brian Tracy said; Commit yourself to lifelong learning. The most valuable asset you’ll ever have is your mind and what you put into it.

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2020 has given us the time time and the reasons to keep learning both personally and professionally. 3 places to start:

  1. Pick up a book! I'm enjoying Boss Up! by Lindsay Teague Moreno!

  2. Join a free online webinar. My Ready Your Workforce: Reopen program is free!

  3. Work with a business coach. If you're looking for a sisterhood of fabulous women entrepreneur's check out my coach Amber Housley.

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