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Lessons from the Locals: Reck Fitness

(originally published for the Business Owner Tide Chart newsletter - February 2020)

Another great way to engage your customers is to host giveaways, contests, or competitions.  In the fitness arena, challenges are a popular option.  At Reck Fitness in Beverly, MA this month over 80 people are participating in their fitness challenge.  I sat down with one of the owners and coaches, Katie Partyka, and we chatted about the program and the many things it accomplishes. 

Joining the challenge is open to both members and non-members.  For the non-members it is a great way for them to experience the gym without making a long term commitment.  In the end, about half of the non-members end up returning to the gym on a regular basis.  Katie and the Reck Crew recognize that everyone comes to the gym for different reasons and with different goals in mind.  The four mini-challenges throughout the month each focus on something different.  So, people can contribute in whatever way works best for them.  The first week, you earned points for every class you attended and the person attending the most classes received bonus points. For some people, doing two classes in a row or one in the morning and one at night was possible.  For others, just getting to three classes a week was an accomplishment.  But the challenge in the second week, a game of BINGO with numerous different opportunities to cross off boxes, caters to a wide audience.  I might not be able to do 100 burpees, but I can take a selfie at the gym and tag Reck in my post. For the Reck Crew the challenge is a great way to engage their members with one another. Everyone is placed on a team and the coach will host team workouts.  There is a team Facebook group where participants leave encouraging messages, share healthy meal recipes, and plan meet ups at class. The challenge builds community.  It encourages people to achieve new goals in their physical fitness and healthy living.  The challenge makes Reck more than a gym. The goals for your own challenge or contest may be different.  But in the end the focus should be on the customer, how they interact with your brand, and do they feel better after that interaction.  Does the experience grow loyal fans?  A challenge doesn’t have to last a whole month either.  Maybe it centers around a community event or a holiday.  Check out this month’s freebie download for a calendar of holidays and celebrations to inspire your next contest or challenge.

Looking for inspiration for reasons to connect with your customers? Plan something around a holiday! Here is a 2020 Calendar of fun and unique holidays that you can celebrate along with your customers or clients!

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